All-In-One Tunnel and Mining Ventilation


With our ventilation engineers’ extensive experiences as contractors and miners, we are able to provide you with all-in-one tunnel and mining ventilation solution specifically for your project.


TURNKEY SOLUTIONContact us to communicate your project needs. Our engineers can provide you with consultation to help determine your exact ventilation requirements.


TURNKEY SOLUTIONOur engineers will tailor make your ventilation plan, select right fans, duct, dust removal system and any accessories. We can help you to lower your total ventilation cost.

Proposal & Order


A technical and commerical proposal will be submitted and upon confirmation of the proposal, order will be placed.

Manufacturing and Delivery


TURNKEY SOLUTIONAll the components will be manufactured with short lead time and deliver to your designated location ASAP.

Field Service and Training


TURNKEY SOLUTIONOur service and training specialist will arrive your site together with the components and provide technical service to install and commission the whole system.

Everything you would need for your underground ventilation


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