High Pressure, High Efficiency, Energy Saving

  • Optimized structure for quick installation and easy maintanence.
  • Low noise thanks to speicially designed sound proof devices.
  • RPM adjustable fan products for better flexibility of project conditions.
  • Even for large diameter and long distance air supply only one fan station needed at the portal.
  • Full vibration test before shipment assures the fans are statically and dynamically balanced.
  • Fixtures can be customized for installation conditions of any kind.

*Actual scope of supply is subject to purchase order or final contract signed

Choose Your Ventilation Fan

MTF-T-E Series
Short drive and economic


Flow Rate (m3/min) 107~745
Air Pressure (Pa) 275~4761
Norminal Power (50Hz) (Kw) 2 x 2.2~2 x 30
Impeller Diameter (mm) 400~710

MTF-T-E series fans are handy and cost saving for small diameter tunnel or short drive.

MTF-T-M Series
Large diameter or long Drive


Flow Rate (m3/min) 312~5792
Air Pressure (Pa) 623~5124
Norminal Power (50Hz) (Kw) 2 x 15~2 x 200
Impeller Diameter (mm) 600~1800

MTF-T-M series fans are the choice where E series cannot meet your flow and pressure requirement.

MTF-T-A Series
Multiple Speeds Fan for more flexibility


Flow Rate (m3/min) 410~4200
Air Pressure (Pa) 200~6900
Norminal Power (50Hz) (Kw) 2 x 5.5~2 x 185
Impeller Diameter (mm) 1000~1400

MTF-T-A series fans are 2-speed or 3-speed rpm adjustable to suit different stage of the project.

MTF-T-L Series
3 and 4-stage fan for large diameter and very long drive


Flow Rate (m3/min) 750~14129
Air Pressure (Pa) 790~20780
Norminal Power (50Hz) (Kw) 3 x 30~4 x 1000
Impeller Diameter (mm) 960~2300

MTF-T-L series fans are multi-stage boost for those project require big air flow and very long drive.


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